Scott Cottrell

Could this happen?

Will this happen?

Is this happening?



And the sequel is coming!!

John Cleveland
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When Chaos Reigns" leaves you with an eerie feeling that what you're reading is not fiction but world events that could and might become a reality. And just like the characters in the story, we cling to the hope that right will prevail even if it is in the stark minority.
Robert T. Buckner
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An informative and compelling story.  Given current events, When Chaos Reigns is a read of the plausible danger facing America.
Kenn Riordan , Jr.Former OSD Staff Officer for Missile and Chem / Bio Counter-Proliferation
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Scott Cottrell has written a novel of contemporary interest as we see both Chinese forces maneuvering against US forces in the Pacific and Russia wreaking havoc in Europe. Perhaps the work is predictive of what we should expect to see in the near future. Read it to find out!
Doug Nichol
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Drawing on his experience as commander of US Army Kwajalein Atoll/Kwajalein Missile Range, as a West Point & US Naval War College graduate, retired Col (Ret). Scott Cottrell provides a fascinating tale of global intrigue and political tensions intertwined with well-researched historical facts in When Chaos Reigns: A Political Thriller. With the recent heightened tensions in US-China relations, this book may soon be all too real.” 
David BishopGraduate of The Citadel
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Buckle Up! From the beginning, When Chaos Reigns is a gripping page-turner for sure. A history lesson steeped in suspense, with a storyline of world events plausible enough to take your breath. A must-read for ALL wishing to know how tomorrow’s headlines could read. This stuff could really happen!

The sequel to "When Chaos Reigns" is coming!

The sequel addresses what we fear could happen in the US in the near future. Autonomous Western States! Political divide so great it becomes a chasm! La Reconquista! More! 
This fictional story takes on the decisive question of what is the glue that holds a nation together in the context of internal strife and renewed international threats. Is it diversity, a two-tiered legal system, culture, religion, or language? Or is it a combination of things woven together by a commonly accepted legal framework that preserves the rights of individuals and states??
Colonel Seth and Sara Grayson take the next step in their military journey and find themselves on our porous southern border, assigned to US Northern Command. Grab hold and hang on for the ride!!

Scott Cottrell

Scott Cottrell is a retired US Army Colonel. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, he served for 29+ years in the U.S. Army in various locations worldwide, including as Commander of the US Army Kwajalein Atoll/Kwajalein Missile Range, now the Reagan Test Site. He is married to Peggy, with two children and eight grandchildren.

When Chaos Reigns


A Latin American drug cartel, an Islamic terrorist group, and China and Russia form a secret cabal bent on shocking the US while they take what they want across the globe.


With the President focused on securing a new trade agreement with China, with or without Senate approval, his actions put the Reagan Test Site in the Pacific at risk. He fights impeachment on several counts in Washington D.C. and ignites the tinderbox of the South China Sea.


This is a riveting political and military thriller.

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